A Few Interesting Custom Molding Facts

Custom injection molding is one of the most effective ways to create plastic parts. If you run a business that relies on plastic parts, you should consider putting custom molding to good use. Before you do, check out some fun facts about custom injection molding that will illustrate just how amazing it can be. It’s… Read more »

Could Plastic Parts One Day be Biodegradable?

Plastics play an incredibly vital role in the world today. While it wouldn’t necessarily be impossible for human beings to live without plastic, it would be difficult to do. Plastics can be used to make everything from medical supplies to automobile parts, and they have helped spawn many new inventions over the years. The problem… Read more »

The Benefits of Custom Machine Parts

When you order machine parts for your company, you expect them to work and, maybe more importantly, you expect them to last you for a long time. The best way to ensure that your machine parts last is by going with custom machine parts that are designed based your exact specifications. Here are several benefits… Read more »